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Teasers from an upcoming GHP comic book about the Ontario Days of Action

Writers: Doug Nesbitt, Sean Carleton

Illustrator: Orion Keresztesi


New Comic: “A Brief, Accurate Graphic History of the Environmental Movement (Mostly in Canada)

Project #7 from the Graphic History Collective is A Brief, Accurate, Graphic History of Environmental Activism, Steph Hill’s attempt to fit a broad swath of history into a short little book.

Steph Hill

From Steph:

The idea was to relate the fundamental ideas and some events in environmental history in a way that is conversational, and–with any luck–memorable. It’s a project easier said than done, but maybe I made a little headway. Environmental activism has come a long way since the early days, and the context it works in–governments, business communities, the public–has changed considerably, in good ways and bad. As always, I ended up with more questions than answers about the directions things are heading in.


Read the full comic.
Bio: Steph Hill studied politics at Princeton University and comics at Camosun College. These days you can find her in Vancouver working in publishing, eating spicy noodles, and reading anything that gets too close. You can find her online at or on twitter as @Hill_S_A.

SORWUC Comic Book Teaser

Here is a special teaser from an upcoming comic book on the history of SORWUC, a socialist-feminist labour union in Canada by the Graphic History Collective and the extremely talented Ethan Heitner.



Ethan Heitner is a cartoonist and member of the editorial collective of World War 3 Illustrated, the radical comics magazine ( More of his work can be seen on his blog,

We’re celebrating our anniversary!

May Day Graphic History Project celebration - comic launchFive years ago, the Graphic History Collective came together to publish May Day: A Graphic History of Protest. We had our launch party on May 1st at Rhizome Cafe, a wonderful venue we all miss.

May Day Graphic History Project celebration - comic launch- pages Timber Beast II 227
Since becoming a collective we’ve learned a tremendous amount, not only about comics and history, but also how to work together to create a supportive environment where we share responsibilities, tasks, and ideas. (We’ve also learned how to take better pictures of our events!)

Current members include: Julia Smith, Sam Bradd, Sean Carleton, and Robin Folvik.


Over the years we have also had the chance to work with (and be supported by) some amazing people:

Mark Leier
Trevor McKilligan
Samantha Monckton
UFCW 1518
Marine Printers
Jane Gavin-Hebert
Andy Parnaby
Ethan Heitner
Canadian Historical Association
SFU History Department
Wojtek Gwiazda
CBC Radio Canada International
Paul Buhle
Jeremy Milloy
Between the Lines
Word on the Street
Scott Neigh
Talking Radical Radio
Noam Chomsky
Sarah Leavitt
Josiah Neufeld
Ken Boesem
Sarah Beuhler
Todd McCallum
Vancouver Co-op radio
CJSF Radio
David Lester
Linda Alkana
Alex Alkana
Lorna Alkana
Sarah Mirk
Khris Soden
Natasha Henry
Kara Sievewright
Maker of Nets
Kwentong Bayan: A Labour of Love
Althea Balmes
Jo SiMalaya Alcampo
Canadian Committee on Labour History
Employee Action and Rights Network
Greg Kealey
Bryan Palmer
Jay MacPherson
David Frank
Tania Willard
Canada’s History Magazine
LeftWords Festival
Open Door Toronto
NM Guinling
Ad Astra Comix
Joan Sangster
Rhizome Cafe
Doug Nesbitt
Orion Keresztesi
Pacific Northwest Labour History Association
Cumberland Museum and Archives
Maleah Schmitke
Jason C. Ross
Caelie Frampton
The Labor and Working-Class History Association/LaborOnline

So here’s to all of you – thanks for helping us reach this anniversary!

After living in different places for the past few years, we are going to celebrate by being together this May Day at the following events. If you are in Vancouver, we hope to see you there!

MayDay 2014 MayDay_EARN_final


Radio Canada International segment on May Day Comic

Radio Canada International host Wojtek Gwiazda profiles May Day: A Graphic History of Protest in this segment featuring Graphic History Collective member Sean Carleton. Continue reading

Order Your Copy of the May Day Comic Book Today – Special Offer

In preparation for this years’ May Day – May 1st, International Workers’ Day – celebrations, don’t forget to grab your own copy of the GHC’s first comic book, May Day A Graphic History of Protest (Between the Lines Press, 2012).


You can order the comic book online here:

Also, the GHC is happy to announce a special offer:  In the lead up to May Day 2014, you can now get a 40% discount and free shipping in Canada on bulk orders over 50. So get your union, school, library, or community group to go in on a bulk order and help distribute more May Day comics. If you want the bulk order form, see the attachment at the bottom of this post or you can contact us at

If you want to take some direct action to spread the word about the May Day comic, please consider asking your local library to order a few copies. This is great as it supports local libraries and gets more radical comics in peoples’ hands. The ISBN number, which you often need to place an library order request, is: ISBN 978-1-926662-90-9. Thanks!


In love and solidarity,



Rebranding Canada with Comics: Canada 1812: Forged in Fire and the Continuing Co-optation of Tecumseh

New review essay about a Government of Canada comic book on the War of 1812 and its representations of Indigenous peoples by Graphic History Collective member, Sean Carleton.

Figure 1

Continue reading

Bill Williamson (Part 1) by Kara Sievewright

We’re excited to announce that Part 1 of Kara Sievewright‘s new comic, Bill Williamson: Hobo, Wobbly, Communist, On to Ottawa Trekker, Spanish Civil War Veteran, Photographer, is now available online. Extensively researched by Kara, the story grows out of two letters Williamson wrote in the 1980s and two interviews with him recorded by the London Imperial War Museum in London, UK in 1990.

Kara’s comic is Project #6 from the Graphic History Project and the third (of four) that focuses primarily on events in the 1930s.



We’re huge fans of Kara Sievewright. You will be too! You can view more of her artwork at Makers of Nets, or follow her on twitter or tumblr.

In addition to her writing and drawing skills, Kara is also skilled at webpage design and is working with us to update our website. Two thumbs up!