New Comic: Stick and Stay, They’re Bound to Pay

Stick and StayStick and Stay, They’re Bound to Pay: The Flint Strike in Comics by Ethan Heitner, Edited by Paul Buhle

The storied Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan has a special significance for today. Led in large part by left-wingers—Communist, Socialist, and Trotskyist alike—it was, more important, the most dramatic part of a movement that swept across the US and Canada. Not so unlike Occupy (or the Wisconsin Uprising), it took everyone by surprise, stunning the participants themselves with their own collective power. Through largely nonviolent action, it changed the landscape for democracy; unlike Occupy, it could halt production and profits. – Paul Buhle

Ethan Heitner is a cartoonist and member of the editorial collective of World War 3 Illustrated, the radical comics magazine ( More of his work can be seen on his blog,

Paul Buhle is an US historian and the editor of many graphic histories including Wobbles!, Che, and Bohemians.

View full comic here

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