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Radio Canada International segment on May Day Comic

Radio Canada International host Wojtek Gwiazda profiles May Day: A Graphic History of Protest in this segment featuring Graphic History Collective member Sean Carleton. Continue reading


Order Your Copy of the May Day Comic Book Today – Special Offer

In preparation for this years’ May Day – May 1st, International Workers’ Day – celebrations, don’t forget to grab your own copy of the GHC’s first comic book, May Day A Graphic History of Protest (Between the Lines Press, 2012).


You can order the comic book online here:

Also, the GHC is happy to announce a special offer:  In the lead up to May Day 2014, you can now get a 40% discount and free shipping in Canada on bulk orders over 50. So get your union, school, library, or community group to go in on a bulk order and help distribute more May Day comics. If you want the bulk order form, see the attachment at the bottom of this post or you can contact us at

If you want to take some direct action to spread the word about the May Day comic, please consider asking your local library to order a few copies. This is great as it supports local libraries and gets more radical comics in peoples’ hands. The ISBN number, which you often need to place an library order request, is: ISBN 978-1-926662-90-9. Thanks!


In love and solidarity,



New E-Book with Each Purchase

The Graphic History Collective is pleased to announce that Between the Lines Press is offering a FREE enhanced e-book version of “May Day” will come with every order. The e-version has original sketches and special features.
Also, remember that until May 31, bulk orders (for conferences, classrooms, union locals, literature departments, and libraries etc.) gets 40% and FREE shipping. Act now!

Discount and free shipping on May Day comic until May 31st

If you order before May 31 2013, bulk orders of the Canadian, union-made comic “May Day: A Graphic History of Protest” will receive 40% off and free shipping! 

The lessons of the May Day comic and Canadian labour history are relevant all year and can help spark important conversations about our strategies and struggles for radical, social change. We have had many union locals, social justice organizations, teachers, and librarians purchasing copies of the comic for conferences, conventions, and general education – and we hope you can help spread the word about May Day.
Below is information about the historical comic and ordering details.
The bulk order form is here: MayDay_mar2013_email
Order individual copies online:
And here is the praise for the comic thus far:
In love and solidarity!
The Graphic History Collective

May Day – and Open Door Toronto

May Day! See you in the streets.

Preview of May Day: A Graphic History of Protest is featured on Open Door Toronto today.

Stay tuned for a longer interview published with them on May 10th.

LabourStart promotion and online unionized bookseller

This morning, your inbox (and the inboxes of 100,000 other people) might include news from LabourStart. We send sincere thanks for their promotion about another way to pick up May Day: A Graphic History of Protest.  Purchasing it from this link, Union Communication Services means you’re buying from a unionized online bookseller, and helps LabourStart (which kicks some ass) with their campaigns – so it is a double win!

Buy online:

Praise for May Day comic

These people said nice things about us. We’d be too shy to talk to them at a party, so a big ‘thanks’ for us over here at the Graphic History Collective.

May Day is a grand experiment in reviving the traditional holiday of working people, with lively comic art adding a new dimension to themes that need badly to be seen and understood by younger generations.”
Paul Buhle, author of A People’s History of American Empire

May Day is history with a twist: entertaining, insightful, informative, and seen through a critical lens.”
Florencia Berinstein, director, Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts

“A lively, clenched-fist people’s history that leaps off the page with a feisty spirit and brilliant artwork.”
Craig Heron and Steve Penfold, authors of The Workers’ Festival: A History of Labour Day in Canada Continue reading

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Published with Between the Lines May 1st 2012

The Graphic History Collective is thrilled that May Day: a graphic history of protest is being published on May 1st 2012 by Between the Lines Press.

We are trying to spread the word through our networks and the labour movement. Bulk orders over 50 before May 30th receive 40% off. We have had many union locals purchasing
pre-orders of 200+ already.

Order online here:

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May Day on

May Day history in Canada radical history comic book graphic novel

On today:

“An announcement of spring, dancing around a pole, crowning a queen, fertility rituals, assorted festivities — joyful community celebrations of the month of May can be traced back through the ages.

May Day or International Workers’ Day — another way of observing the first day of May throughout the world — is not quite as old, and has been more contentious. As political economist Leo Panitch argues, for the last one hundred years, “May Day has symbolized the common struggles of workers around the globe.” The day, with its own themes of renewal and change, represents a history of protest.”

Read the review here:

And ordering information is here:

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May Day: a Graphic History of Protest

The first project of the Graphic History Collective is May Day: a graphic history of protest.

Written by Robin Folvik, Sean Carleton and illustrated by Sam Bradd and Trevor McKilligan.

Foundational support by Dr. Mark Leier and the Labour Studies Department of Simon Fraser University.

May Day: a graphic history of protest

May Day: a graphic history of protest, 24 page comic