Project #6: Bill Williamson (Part 1)

Bill Williamson was born in Winnipeg in 1907 and over the next thirty years participated in some of the most inspiring radical events in Canadian and global history. He was a hobo, a Wobbly, a relief camp worker, a communist, a photographer and the first Canadian to join the republicans in the Spanish Civil War. While travelling around the world as a merchant seaman, he saw a clandestine screening of the film Battleship Potemkin in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by the film’s politics and cinematography, he decided to become a photographer and to try to work with the Russian director, Sergei Eisenstein. While he never made it to the USSR, he did take part in many of the important political movements of his time including the On to Ottawa Trek, the Regina Riot, and the Spanish Civil War. —Kara Sievewright

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2 thoughts on “Project #6: Bill Williamson (Part 1)

  1. fantastic job – thanks

  2. Paul Reniers says:

    Great job! What a life! Very inspiring. The art work is terrific. The research really paid off with outstanding images and a great design. Thanks for the work on this.

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