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New E-Book with Each Purchase

The Graphic History Collective is pleased to announce that Between the Lines Press is offering a FREE enhanced e-book version of “May Day” will come with every order. The e-version has original sketches and special features.
Also, remember that until May 31, bulk orders (for conferences, classrooms, union locals, literature departments, and libraries etc.) gets 40% and FREE shipping. Act now!

Discount and free shipping on May Day comic until May 31st

If you order before May 31 2013, bulk orders of the Canadian, union-made comic “May Day: A Graphic History of Protest” will receive 40% off and free shipping! 

The lessons of the May Day comic and Canadian labour history are relevant all year and can help spark important conversations about our strategies and struggles for radical, social change. We have had many union locals, social justice organizations, teachers, and librarians purchasing copies of the comic for conferences, conventions, and general education – and we hope you can help spread the word about May Day.
Below is information about the historical comic and ordering details.
The bulk order form is here: MayDay_mar2013_email
Order individual copies online:
And here is the praise for the comic thus far:
In love and solidarity!
The Graphic History Collective